Your healthy life
is our first priority.

Flow Wellness is committed to advancing health, longevity, and vitality through physician-led weight loss and IV infusion therapy.

Improve your health. Boost energy. Accelerate recovery.

Our highly trained doctors and medical professionals provide you with everything you need to improve your health and energy or accelerate your recovery. We make the experience comfortable and convenient.

Our Services

Medical Weight Loss

Individualized treatment with revolutionary GLP-1 weight loss medication. Must be in the state of Oregon or Washington to qualify.

Oral/IV Ketamine Therapy

Breakthrough therapy to help treat depression, anxiety, PTSD.

Functional Medicine Consultation

Support and guidance for optimizing your health from the comfort & privacy of your home or office!

Helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.


Board-certified Physicians


Personalized One on One Care


Locally Owned and Operated


"Flow Wellness is the pinnacle of care, support, and wellbeing. Dr. Jones and his team will take care of you from the moment you reach out and will partner with you closely throughout your treatment to achieve optimal results. Knowing that you're with an MD with an extensive career definitely eases the mind and ensures you that you're in the right place. I wouldn't go anywhere else for IV treatments and more!"


"These infusions are fantastic. Coming off of 4 1/2 hours of sleep and stressful day, I spent about an hour getting an infusion with a mix of vitamins for exactly what I needed: energy, a sharp mind, and focus. Dr. Kevin Jones is a consummate professional (not surprising as he is an ER Doctor), I was comfortable, and could feel the effects as the infusion was happening! Later in the day I smashed a few PRs on my mountain bike, too! Will definitely be going back."


"Jenn and Kevin recommended a great IV treatment with their performance IV Infusion. The very welcoming and friendly staff and space made for such an easy and relaxing process that gave me an instant boost of energy. I highly recommend the Performance IV Infusion, the NAD+ really gave me the boost I needed. If you're like me and want to be preventative in your healthcare, don't wait, schedule your treatment today!"




Book a free initial consultation, or schedule your next treatment

Free Oregon/Washington medical weight loss consultation.  In-person appointments available in Bend, OR.  Tele-health for Oregon and Washington State.

Doctor consultation for oral ketamine therapy.  In-person visit available in Bend, Oregon.  IV/IM services also available.