Discover a New Horizon in Mental Health: Oral Ketamine Therapy

Transforming Lives Beyond Traditional Treatment

In the quest for mental wellness, traditional therapies have been the cornerstone for managing depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. However, for many, these methods fall short. That’s where ketamine therapy steps in, offering a revolutionary approach to mental health care. At Flow Wellness, we understand the complexities of mental health. Our ketamine therapy program is designed to offer more than just symptom relief; it aims to open doors to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Ketamine Therapy: A Beacon of Hope

Ketamine, once known primarily for its use in anesthesia, is now at the forefront of mental health treatment. Its unique ability to rapidly alleviate symptoms of depression, ease anxiety, and reduce chronic pain is changing lives. Ketamine promotes neuroplasticity which refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt by forming new neural connections throughout life, which is crucial for learning, memory, and recovery from brain injuries. In the appropriate setting, ketamine can help disrupt the brains “default network” and promote new connections to form – replacing anxiety and negative thoughts.

Rapid Relief When It Matters Most

One of the most remarkable aspects of ketamine therapy is its speed. Unlike traditional antidepressants that take weeks or even months to show effects, ketamine can provide relief within hours. This rapid response can be a lifeline for those struggling with severe depression or anxiety. Ketamine supplements traditional mental health treatment such as anti-depressants and anxiety medication as well as counseling and psychotherapy.

At Home Therapy

Imagine receiving cutting-edge mental health treatment without stepping out of your home. At-home ketamine therapy eliminates the need for regular clinic visits, saving you time and ensuring your treatment fits seamlessly into your life. This is mental health care on your terms. Work on improving your mental health in your safe place – at home where you feel most comfortable.

Cost Savings And Ease of Administration

One of the most compelling advantages of at-home ketamine treatment is the cost-effectiveness. One month of home treatment is about the same cost of a single IV treatment. Our at-home ketamine treatment is designed for straightforward administration. With detailed guidance and support from our medical professionals, you can confidently manage your treatment.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Personalized for Your Unique Needs

Each patient’s journey is unique. Our at-home ketamine treatments are customized to meet your individual health needs, ensuring the most effective and comfortable experience. From dosage to treatment schedules, every aspect is tailored just for you. Our providers have worked with ketamine for years in various clinical settings and have seen the benefits of this up and coming treatment.

Join us in exploring this innovative treatment.

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Ketamine results are different for everyone and can not be guaranteed. Patients must meet eligibility criteria for treatment. In-person and guided experiences are available in Bend, Oregon.



Benefits for Depression

Rapid Symptom Relief:

Traditional antidepressants often take weeks to show their effects, partly because they rely on gradually changing neurotransmitter levels. In contrast, ketamine’s ability to rapidly induce neuroplastic changes can lead to quick improvements in mood and cognitive function, sometimes within hours or days.

Resilience to Stress:

By enhancing neuroplasticity, ketamine may help the brain become more resilient to stress. This is crucial in depression treatment, as stress and an inability to adapt to it can be a significant factor in depressive disorders.

Circuitry Rebalancing:

Depression is often linked with dysfunctional neural circuitry in the brain, particularly in areas related to mood and emotion regulation. Ketamine’s promotion of neuroplasticity can help rebalance these neural circuits, effectively ‘resetting’ them, which may alleviate depressive symptoms.

Cognitive Benefits:

Enhanced neuroplasticity can also lead to improvements in cognitive functions such as memory and executive function, which are often impaired in individuals with depression.

Benefits for Anxiety

Enhanced Neuroplasticity:

As with its effect on depression, ketamine promotes neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to form new neural connections. This increased plasticity can help the brain ‘rewire’ itself, potentially creating new, healthier patterns of thought and behavior that are less dominated by anxiety.

Reduction in Overactive Brain Areas:

Anxiety disorders often involve overactivity in certain brain areas, such as the amygdala, which is associated with fear and emotional responses. Ketamine can help dampen this overactivity, leading to a reduction in anxiety symptoms. Ketamine also blocks NMDA receptor which can lead to a reduction in anxiety symptoms.

Psychological Effects:

Ketamine can produce dissociative effects, which some patients report as helping them gain new perspectives on their anxiety and stressors. This altered state of consciousness can sometimes facilitate therapeutic breakthroughs.

Benefits for PTSD

Disruption of Fear Memories:

Ketamine may disrupt the reconsolidation of fear memories, a key aspect of PTSD. When traumatic memories are recalled, they become ‘labile’ or malleable. Ketamine, given during this labile phase, may interfere with the re-strengthening of these memories, thus diminishing their emotional impact over time.

Emotional Detachment:

The dissociative effects of ketamine can create a sense of detachment or distance from emotional pain and traumatic memories. This temporary detachment might provide a window where patients can process their trauma more effectively in therapy.

Reduction in Avoidance Behaviors:

PTSD often involves avoidance behaviors, where individuals avoid certain places, people, or thoughts that remind them of the trauma. By reducing the emotional intensity of traumatic memories, ketamine may help patients engage more successfully in therapeutic interventions, like exposure therapy.

Join us in exploring this innovative treatment.


Contact us today to learn more about how ketamine therapy can help you or your loved ones find a new path to mental wellness.


Ketamine results are different for everyone and can not be guaranteed. Patients must meet eligibility criteria for treatment. In-person and guided experiences are available in Bend, Oregon.

Please note that while some formulations of ketamine are FDA approved for treatment resistant depression, oral ketamine is not FDA approved for any mental health treatment.

Comments from ketamine patients about their experiences:

“Ketamine is a like a mental massage. It resets my brain – I start a treatment with anxiety and racing thoughts and leave with a peaceful mind ready to face the challenges in front of me.”

“Ketamine has helped in ways I didn’t necessarily expect.  It reduced my focus & concern on my issues.”

“The dissociation is dreamlike – if managed well, the visions can be beautiful & even breathtaking. I’ve said “wow” on more than one occasion.”

“After starting ketamine, I’ve been able to reduce the dose of my Lexapro and feel much better”

“Ketamine induces an enhanced meditation state that I find incredibly relaxing and grounding”

”I’m very social & I tried to chat. But when I let my mind go & fully relax, when I meditate & visualize my issues leaving my body, I realize that the positive effects of the treatments last longer. I knew it sounds totally goonie & I wouldn’t have believed such things would work, ever!”
“I really wasn’t aware of how my pain was improving until I realized one day that tying my shoes was much easier than it normally was! As I looked back, I realized that I had been slowly improving over the past week & it made me laugh out loud when I realized the progress I had achieved.”
“I think the lights & vivid colors that we see during a treatment is the light within our soul. While it sometimes dims in our reality, ketamine recharges it. Brightens it, brightens us.”