IV Infusions in Bend and Sunriver, Oregon

Join us at our downtown Bend clinic for a rejuvenating IV drip hydration experience.

Sit back in one of our power reclining chairs and take in the Cascade views while IV vitamins restore your body. Our on-site physician is available to customize your IV wellness goals. Experienced ER nurses provide outstanding care and have placed thousands of IVs so you will have the least discomfort possible.

We highly recommend trying a NAD+ infusion. NAD+ is a key coenzyme used in energy production in every cell. NAD+production decreases as we age. IV supplementation allows direct entry of additional cellular support to aid in mental awareness and increased energy. NAD+ has been associated with anti-aging benefits, detoxification, mental clarity, and better sleep. Even more striking is that many patients notice the benefits can last up to several weeks . Learn more about NAD+ in our blog post.

We offer physician customization and have the most IV ingredients in Central Oregon. 


Welcome to Sunriver’s premier mobile IV infusion service.

We’re dedicated to helping residents and guests of Sunriver, OR maintain their wellness and vitality. Our experienced medical professionals bring hydration and nutrient therapies directly to you, in the comfort of your own home or vacation rental. We have local staff available to come to your vacation house or condo. Whether you need a wellness boost, recovery after a night out or bachelorette party, relief from jet lag, or support for your Golf trip performance, we customize our infusions to meet your specific needs. Our services are safe, effective, and meticulously designed under strict medical protocols. We are locally owned and operated and experienced ER nurses will come to you. Enjoy personal care and rejuvenation without ever having to leave your location. Contact us today for your wellness needs in Sunriver, OR.



Bring a friend and get 15% off for both infusions. Group rates available.

*NAD included for an additional fee

Performance IV:

Our signature IV therapy. A potent mix of IV vitamins and NAD+ to increase energy, clear brain fog, and help with mental clarity.

Get Your Glow On:

Hydration + B12 energy boost + biotin (to help skin, hair, and nails) and glutathione (a potent antioxidant).

Myers' Cocktail:

Developed by Dr Myers, a pioneer in IV nutrient infusions. High dose essential vitamins and minerals to improve immune function, increase energy, help with detoxification.

Immunity Plus:

Whether just trying to dodge COVID or the flu or trying to kick a cold, this formula keeps the immune system healthy. Great for winter time, traveling, or parents of small children.

Headache Recovery:

Have a migraine or bad headache? Advil and Imitrex aren’t cutting it? Let us help. We have treated migraine patients in the ER for decades. We bring IV treatment to you in a healing and relaxing space.

Night After Drinking:

Bend is a fun place to go big! Let's get you back out there with IV drip hydration. IV fluids, pain and nausea medications will put in the right direction.

Simply Hydrated:

Balanced isotonic Lactated Ringer's solution to get your body hydrated.