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Weight loss is crucial for men’s health for several reasons. Carrying excess weight, especially around the abdomen, is associated with a range of health risks, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. These conditions are not only life-threatening but can significantly reduce quality of life. Furthermore, obesity can lead to elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, increasing the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Losing weight can also improve mental health, as it’s linked with reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, and enhances self-esteem and body image. Additionally, weight loss can improve joint health, reducing the risk of osteoarthritis and other mobility issues. By maintaining a healthy weight, men can significantly reduce these health risks, increase their longevity, and enjoy a more active, fulfilling life.

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We offer clinician supervised medical weight loss therapy for eligible patients in Oregon and Washington with the use of compounded Semaglutide & Tirzepatide.  The active ingredient in these medications are FDA approved for weight loss and help decrease risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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Being overweight and having excessive body fat is a chronic health condition without a simple or one-size-fits-all solution. Obesity is a complex combination of your genetics, food choices and options, environment, family history, activity level, and body composition.  Over time your body developed a natural set point for its weight. Changing the natural set point is not easy!

Medication assisted weight loss with semaglutide uses cutting edge biological science to “trick” your body into feeling full. Semaglutide is a medicine that mimics a natural protein in your body that is released after eating. The natural protein does not last long in your body. So you are hungry again. Semaglutide is dosed just once per week and stays in your body so you feel more full. So you eat less. With less calories taken in, you lose weight. Learn more in the frequently asked questions. The demand for this drug is extremely high – so join us while we still have supply for new patients. By obtaining this medication from compounding pharmacies, we are able to continue assist patients with their weight loss goals while the medication is in limited supply. 

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Weight loss result vary by individual and can not be guaranteed. To meet FDA criteria for medical weight loss, your body mass index must be ≥ 30 or ≥ 27 with a cardiovascular risk factor. We are currently accepting patients who live in Oregon or Washington.

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