November 2023 – Strength Training

by | Nov 4, 2023

For this month’s weight loss newsletter we review at home strength exercises that require little or no equipment.  Strength training will offset potential muscle loss with losing weight, decrease risk of osteoporosis, and help you live longer. Weight loss medication provides a kick start for your weight loss journey but exercise is also a key component!
Activities such as body weight exercises, light weight dumb bell movements, resistance band stretches, and yoga/pilates are all great ways to strength train. Even just starting for 15 minutes twice a week is a huge step in the right direction.  Find something you enjoy or try something new and get moving!
To manage common gastrointestinal side effects of weight loss medication, please view our updated weight loss medication tip sheet.  We also include tips on traveling with medication and getting the last few drops of medication out of your vial.
For our Central Oregon clients, we would like to compile a list of local gyms, exercise studios, trainers, and nutritionists.  If  you have a business or person that you would recommend, please respond to this email and we will create a shared list on our web site/social media.
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