Preparing For Your Ketamine Treatment

by | Dec 7, 2023

Optimizing your state-of-mind prior-to & during an infusion is vital.  Many things can have either a positive or negative effect on your session.  

We recommend you schedule a treatment ahead of time and plan your day around it.  Clearing any mental to-dos and feeling relaxed with yourself will allow for a more therapeutic experience. Try and avoid situations that will bring you stress, anxiety, or anger, such as a difficult family member or neighbor around the time of a treatment.  Also avoid sad or scary movies/shows the day before a treatment.  Again, what goes into your brain prior-to & during a treatment can impact whether your session is positive or negative. Light exercise the morning of your treatment will also help relax the body during your session.  It can be challenging to fall asleep immediately after a ketamine treatment so it is best to avoid a session in the late evening.

        • Dress comfortably so that you may relax during treatment
        • Find a comfortable and quiet place to lie down.
        • Blocking outside noise is helpful. We recommend headphones.
        • Many people find music very helpful; we recommend minimal vocals/ambient sounds.  The playtracks called “Ketalove” on Spotify are fantastic.  Make sure your notifications are off on your phone!
        • Many patients prefer to keep their eyes closed during their infusion, an eye mask can be helpful.  We recommend this eyemask.


You need a sober person with you during every treatment until you can safely walk. 

Hydrate well the day before & choose nutrition that is healthy; avoid alcohol, marijuana, & benzodiazepines the day of your infusion.  We recommend not eating food within 3 hours prior to a treatment and not drinking liquids within one hour of a treatment.

You should not drive or operate machinery the entire day after a session. Also, avoid making any major decisions that could have personal or financial consequences during treatment. Be careful getting up after the treatment and use caution on stairs. Use your trusted person to help with moving if you feel off balance. These effects will usually go away within an hour or two after the intense experience.

Practice meditating; choose several positive & happy mantras.  If your ketamine treatment begins to cause anxiety, these practices can help you redirect your thoughts away from the anxious thoughts or dreams.  Think of each thought as a passing cloud.  Acknowledge it and then let it float away.  Focusing on breathing with slow inhales and slow exhales can help re-center yourself.  You can count to 5 with each inhale and each exhale. If still having difficulty, ask your trusted friend or a medical staff member (if at the clinic) for assistance.

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